FarmVille & The Direction of this Blog

Here is an intelligent conversation that took place this evening between two idiots.

8:20 PM Bryan: would you like a pig?

I can send oyu one

its a rare pet that can only be sent to you, you cant buy itttt

and i unlocked that ability by reaching LEVEL 10 HAHAHA

8:22 PM Peter: fucking farmville

8:23 PM Bryan: YEAH!!

You’re guna LOVE my farmville

just tell me what you’re like… into bro.

i’ll send you it every day

i am still collecting chickens.


8:24 PM Peter: I want brown cows.  only brown cows.

nothing else

8:24 PM Bryan: dude im sayin

8:24 PM Peter: can you make that happen?

8:24 PM Bryan: i havent even found one yet


8:24 PM Bryan: i wish i had a brown cow

thats a animal you can only adopt

like the black sheep


but even rarer

cause ive never seen one

but in other farms

8:41 PM Peter: come down here when you get a minute.  I want to show you the most ridiculous game ever.

8:42 PM Bryan: i saw ur blog


8:42 PM Peter: oh yeah?

8:42 PM Bryan: yes

8:43 PM Peter: your lack of a response is certainly reassuring.

8:43 PM Bryan: hm?

8:43 PM Peter: reassuring that it’s gay, that is.

8:43 PM Bryan: yeah i saw it



i mean wtf u want me to say

8:43 PM Peter: I don’t know, just eat shit, will you?

8:44 PM Bryan: i mean

do you want me to make you a banner


do you know how to put a banner in a blog?

if i make you a banner

will you post it

whatever it is

8:44 PM Peter: yes

8:44 PM Bryan: no matter what it is

8:44 PM Peter: well, not if there are dicks in it

8:44 PM Bryan: no dicks

8:44 PM Peter: listen, it needs 5 things….

8:44 PM Bryan: wtf

8:44 PM Peter: Turkey Clubs

8:44 PM Bryan: u needed 2 things

8:44 PM Peter: Pandas

8:44 PM Bryan: last time

panda and turkey club

8:44 PM Peter: Coffee

8:44 PM Bryan: no



8:45 PM Peter: I mean, you weren’t being very receptive

my feelings are hurt




8:45 PM Peter: I’m starting over

1. Turkey Clubs

and don’t interrupt me, this time

2. Pandas

3. Coffee

4. Winnebaegos (sp?)

8:46 PM Bryan: why winnebaegos

8:46 PM Peter: 5. Insert whatever a Bryan would insert here, as long as it is not a penis.

because Winnebagos are sweet and I want one

I mean, I guess you don’t nec. HAVE to stick to the formula

but if it’s any less sweet than that formula, I WILL murder you.

8:47 PM Bryan: shit

now i am torn between making you happy

8:48 PM Peter: I think I should post this

8:48 PM Bryan: or making myself happy.


8:48 PM Peter: on my super shit blog

8:48 PMBryan: post what


8:48 PM Peter: this

8:48 PM Bryan: do it

you fag

i loved you when i had a blog for 2 months

8:48 PM Peter: you can’t say fag, this is a family blog.

also, please be funnier

or more intelligent

pick one, it doesn’t matter

jesus, I gotta get back to work

you’re going to get me fired.

Good talk, champ.

see you out there.

8:50 PM Bryan: lmfao

Get the fuck out of here with family blog

it’s YOUR blog.

more intelligent



8:51 PM Peter: shutup, you f*****t.

Hey man... I can get you a pig on the cheaps.


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