Hating Life With Roomies

(11:32:26 AM) Peter: why r u whining?
(11:33:21 AM) Lydia: cuz i hate my life
(11:33:24 AM) Lydia: what more…did we need
(11:34:42 AM) Peter: oh
(11:34:43 AM) Peter: yes
(11:34:47 AM) Peter: i hate mine too
(11:34:48 AM) Peter: obvi
(11:35:46 AM) Peter: hence my ridiculous bahavior and complete lack of self control
(11:36:07 AM) Peter: along with my insufferable whining and self-loathing.
(11:36:18 AM) Lydia: muh huh
(11:36:22 AM) Peter: you are so lucky you get to live with me
(11:37:45 AM) Peter: *crickets*
(11:37:48 AM) Lydia: i know. i’m the
(11:37:48 AM) Lydia: oh
(11:37:59 AM) Peter: you’re the oh?
(11:38:03 AM) Peter: ….oh
(11:43:44 AM) Peter: hey…..
(11:43:48 AM) Peter: asshole…..
(11:44:05 AM) Lydia: hi
(11:44:49 AM) Peter: hi
(11:44:56 AM) Peter: A) you’re the “oh”?
(11:45:03 AM) Lydia: no i was gonna say
(11:45:08 AM) Lydia: i am the luckiest girl in the world
(11:45:13 AM) Peter: B) you didn’t even comment on my stupid fucking blog.
(11:46:27 AM) Lydia: its cute
(11:47:30 AM) Peter: -_-
(11:47:37 AM) Peter: ….you are…..
(11:47:39 AM) Peter: ….the worst
(11:50:45 AM) Peter: yes….. your silence confirms this…..


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