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Big Daddy Babysitting Services


So, I’m sitting here on my only day off this week scanning a picture I saw in PLAY magazine, and I’m thinking to myself… “Hey…idiot… what are you doing? and why?”

What it came down to was A) I like Bioshock (if you don’t know what it is, i don’t care) and B) I’m working on not being a packrat, but in order to do so, I need to first show at least SOMEONE whatever sweet thing it is that I desperately want to throw away before I actually do it.

I’d been thinking about creating a blog (god I hate that word.  I also hate hating that word.  It reminds me of my issues with guitar…. I’ve played guitar for well over a decade, but I hate saying I play guitar since it’s so damn cliche… but SAYING you hate cliche things is also cliche, so I feel like a douche any way you cut it.  Whatever, I’m rambling) for a while, and I figured… hey, why the shit not, it’s free.

So here is my shitty introduction to what will no doubt be a shitty blog.  And thanks to Philip M. Jackson, whoever that may be, for creating this sweet Big Daddy drawing/cartoon.

Big Daddy Babysitting Services

Big Daddy Babysitting Services