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FarmVille & The Direction of this Blog


Here is an intelligent conversation that took place this evening between two idiots.

8:20 PM Bryan: would you like a pig?

I can send oyu one

its a rare pet that can only be sent to you, you cant buy itttt

and i unlocked that ability by reaching LEVEL 10 HAHAHA

8:22 PM Peter: fucking farmville

8:23 PM Bryan: YEAH!!

You’re guna LOVE my farmville

just tell me what you’re like… into bro.

i’ll send you it every day

i am still collecting chickens.


8:24 PM Peter: I want brown cows.  only brown cows.

nothing else

8:24 PM Bryan: dude im sayin

8:24 PM Peter: can you make that happen?

8:24 PM Bryan: i havent even found one yet


8:24 PM Bryan: i wish i had a brown cow

thats a animal you can only adopt

like the black sheep


but even rarer

cause ive never seen one

but in other farms

8:41 PM Peter: come down here when you get a minute.  I want to show you the most ridiculous game ever.

8:42 PM Bryan: i saw ur blog


8:42 PM Peter: oh yeah?

8:42 PM Bryan: yes

8:43 PM Peter: your lack of a response is certainly reassuring.

8:43 PM Bryan: hm?

8:43 PM Peter: reassuring that it’s gay, that is.

8:43 PM Bryan: yeah i saw it



i mean wtf u want me to say

8:43 PM Peter: I don’t know, just eat shit, will you?

8:44 PM Bryan: i mean

do you want me to make you a banner


do you know how to put a banner in a blog?

if i make you a banner

will you post it

whatever it is

8:44 PM Peter: yes

8:44 PM Bryan: no matter what it is

8:44 PM Peter: well, not if there are dicks in it

8:44 PM Bryan: no dicks

8:44 PM Peter: listen, it needs 5 things….

8:44 PM Bryan: wtf

8:44 PM Peter: Turkey Clubs

8:44 PM Bryan: u needed 2 things

8:44 PM Peter: Pandas

8:44 PM Bryan: last time

panda and turkey club

8:44 PM Peter: Coffee

8:44 PM Bryan: no



8:45 PM Peter: I mean, you weren’t being very receptive

my feelings are hurt




8:45 PM Peter: I’m starting over

1. Turkey Clubs

and don’t interrupt me, this time

2. Pandas

3. Coffee

4. Winnebaegos (sp?)

8:46 PM Bryan: why winnebaegos

8:46 PM Peter: 5. Insert whatever a Bryan would insert here, as long as it is not a penis.

because Winnebagos are sweet and I want one

I mean, I guess you don’t nec. HAVE to stick to the formula

but if it’s any less sweet than that formula, I WILL murder you.

8:47 PM Bryan: shit

now i am torn between making you happy

8:48 PM Peter: I think I should post this

8:48 PM Bryan: or making myself happy.


8:48 PM Peter: on my super shit blog

8:48 PMBryan: post what


8:48 PM Peter: this

8:48 PM Bryan: do it

you fag

i loved you when i had a blog for 2 months

8:48 PM Peter: you can’t say fag, this is a family blog.

also, please be funnier

or more intelligent

pick one, it doesn’t matter

jesus, I gotta get back to work

you’re going to get me fired.

Good talk, champ.

see you out there.

8:50 PM Bryan: lmfao

Get the fuck out of here with family blog

it’s YOUR blog.

more intelligent



8:51 PM Peter: shutup, you f*****t.

Hey man... I can get you a pig on the cheaps.


Hangin’ Out With Bears is Kinda Sweet

"The Bears got phone calls to make!"

"The Bears got phone calls to make!"

So, here’s me hangin’ with a bear.  It’s a shame we couldn’t kick it for longer, but the bear had mad calls to make on his iPhone (You can just barely see it in his right paw).  “The Bear’s got phone calls to make!”, he screamed as he left my embrace.  Come to think of it, he was kind of a dick.